Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I’m a SAHM (stay at home mom – for those of you who don’t know) from Albany. I have 2 little girls; Amanda aged 6 and Audrey aged 2. They are my princesses and I would do anything for them.

Before I dedicated my life to my darling girls, I used to be a high flying attorney. I have since traded in the Court for the Kitchen, my robes for mom-clothes and annoying, impatient clients for annoying (but only for a little while), impatient toddlers. My life is now filled with doing things I love with people whose company I enjoy along with insane amounts of laundry, dirty dishes and everything that comes with having toddlers.

I’m starting this blog in an attempt to keep track of adventures that I have with my family and things I have learned along the way. Perhaps one day when the girls leave the nest and I’m feeling lonely, I can open up this blog to relive the sweet memories I have with them.